Kindness find me

Everyone has always said to me “you are such a kind person”, I say thank you today.

Thinking back over the years I have always considered myself to be kind, I am mostly live and let live kind of gal anyway. The principle cards brought a new perspective into sight.

Most of my kind acts followed up with something being given back to me, sorta of “I did for you now you do for me attitude”. This went ok, believed it a long time, but a belief is nothing more than thought practiced over and over again. So if I change my thought the belief changes.

The cards started a new thoughts and hence have brought many new beliefs, doing something kind and expecting nothing in return outside but inside a world of happiness and grace. Putting a card on the windshield of a car with a note saying hope your day is going well, did this with 525 cards and it created a sensation of truly being kind.

Then as time passed as it does, it dawned on me being kind has an internal fuse as well. Kindness to myself, writing myself a note, or treating myself to a massage, being happy just me no matter what.

By no means have a finished, my beliefs continue to change with each practicing moment of this feeling of kindness. It really is in the practice of these principle’s and time is also handy. Kindness is one of my favorites.

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I do hope this week’s card is Patience, because that’s what I’ve been concentrating on!  And even though it’s been a long time since I did any work with the Principles cards, I saw results  – immediately.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m almost at the end of the Christmas race – it seems to get worse each year. But as a result of simply being aware of the benefits of having patience, I haven’t lost my cool in the traffic, have only mildly grimaced at the queue-jumpers at the shop checkouts, and not a heated word has been exchanged by me to anyone else. Pretty spectacular, my my standards.

It’s also meant that I’ve not felt harried or unpleasant, I’ve simply gone home when the crowds have become overwhelming. And for the first Christmas Eve in a long time, I don’t feel threatened by a dead turkey or “all the work” yet to be done. It will get done. Quietly. Peacefully.

I seem to spend a lot of time chasing peace, but this week – by just raising my consciousness a tiny fraction – it felt a bit like peace was chasing me. Way to go!  Happy Christmas.

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A chance to share

This site has been around since 2010, and has been through two iterations.  I invite you to no only read, but please write and tell us your experiences with the cards. Welcome, and I hope to hear from you.

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Sometimes the answer is simply no

Often, with what we think are the best of intentions, we ask for something for our lives.  It can be as simple as just a good night’s sleep.  Sometimes, I will even offer to cut a deal?  If I get X, I will do Y, anything which will increase the chances of getting what I think I need.

Often, what we ask for is provided for us…out of pure grace.  Other times, the answer is simply no, or at least not yet?  What we do, how we respond to these times is crucial to our spiritual development.

We can pout, be resentful or mad and figure that no one is really listening when we pray.  Alternatively, we can remain thankful for all that we do have, and try to understand that we don’t always know best…even in the case of a sound sleep, when it seems like a ‘slam dunk’ request.

In my recent case, while I didn’t fall fast asleep when my head hit the pillow, I did have a measure of peace about it that has escaped me previously.  When I did finally drift off, the sleep I got was restful.  I awoke and said a prayer of gratitude, and went about doing the things that I know I need to do. Sometimes, the answer is simply no…that too is exactly how it is supposed to be.

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I am a patient

This may be a longer than usual post, mainly (as Mark Twain would say), I lack the skill to make it shorter.  Over the last five years, I have been through the cycle of principles somewhere north of twenty five times.

This cycle, my old friend Patience put on it’s Autumn cloak, and a whole new sense of it came to me.  I’ve been thinking of patience in terms of it’s adjective context, never really pondering the noun. 

How did we begin to refer to someone at the hospital or doctor’s office as a “patient” ?

Well, thank Google I easily found out.

In Latin this word took on the extra sense of somebody who suffers their afflictions with calmness and composure, hence longsuffering or forbearing, all ideas intimately tied up with our word patience.

Now I’m not a great fan of the word suffer, but if I substitute the word accept, then I have something that I can get my head around.  How about

“someone who accepts the fullness of life with calmness and composure?

question-markSo, if we start to look more toward the noun, then it is a condition to aspire to.  Each of our lives will have it’s own set of troubles and joys, that is life’s fullness.  If we can accept this with calmness and composure, then we are by definition  Patients

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Generosity and Acceptance

As I reflected on yesterday’s discussion of Generosity, letting people be- Acceptance kept coming into my meditation. Acceptance can be a tricky word for some. When I first began working with it, I thought that it implied that you had to agree or like whatever it was, this is not true.

Along with the symphonies of success, life has a shadow side. There is famine, disease, death of loved ones, and pain. We don’t have to like these things, but to really appreciate the fullness of life, we do have to accept them. If you believe in a God/Guide/Spirit, then surely these are as much part of our experience as the “good” things in life.

When we begin to pick and choose which branches of the tree of life we will accept, we are condemned to carry around those branches which we sever from the tree. This is a heavy burden.

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Unselfishness – Consider The Effect On Others

Even honesty can be abused if we don’t add compassion for others into the mix.  There have been times when under the cloak of honesty I’ve hurt people, or just wanted to feel superior to someone…that is not love.

When I first awoke this morning, I had thoughts about people somehow had hurt of offended me years ago.  They were not vicious thoughts, but I wondered why they were spilling out today.

When I meditated on Unselfishness, it seemed to me that all of those people had only been doing things, not doing things to me.

I had selfishly considered that their actions were aimed at me, and had not allowed them the same freedom to be that I myself consider as a fundamental human right.

Unselfishness and Generosity are a poignant pair, and go together like knife and fork.  Let other people be who and what they are.

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Be Generous–Don’t Envy

No matter what type of work, or projects we engage in, there is always someone else doing the same work, and maybe even better than we?  Even if this is good spiritual work, envy can ruin the soul of the game.

 ImageWish for that person the very best, what you would wish for yourself.  That is Generosity of the Spirit.  It is also the only way that our work can have any true value.

Another facet of spiritual generosity is to simply let people be!  Whether you like them, love them, or find them offensive, they are who they are.

Let them be just that, and don’t interfere or try to change them.  They are as necessary on the planet as you or anyone else.

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Give Yourself A Moment

Our days are filled with thoughts, actions, awareness, and distractions.  To a greater or lesser degree, we go through the day responding to the demands of life.

hurryBe generous with yourself, and make a few moments each day to interrupt this chaotic rhythm for a refreshing and renewing moment.  It doesn’t take much time, and no special equipment…just the will to choose.

Stop, and just focus on your breathing.  Notice the slight expansion and contraction of your muscles, and the sensation of new breath, new life entering your body. That’s it—you’re done.

This short salute to consciousness is enough to break up the auto-pilot stream of thought, and allows space for the spirit and formless to refresh the form which is you.

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Generosity – Tolerance dressed in new clothes

ImageI’ve spoken before about generosity, and that the ultimate generosity is simply letting others be.  Another word for this is tolerance, but it has connotations which can soil the true meaning.

1) Permissiveness: a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior : This is what we usually think of when we speak of tolerance, and I think it’s a good and workable definition.

2) Engineering tolerance is the permissible limit or limits of variation :  This one is a bit trickier?  It implies that someone has already established the permissible limit, and I think that we need to be a bit cautious here.

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